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  • Podcast Example

    Podcasts are considered a convenient and intimate source of entertainment. More than 26 percent of Americans listen to podcasts every month, and its popularity is continuously increasing. Although most of the popular podcasts are different from each other, they have one thing in common, i.e, they have their own website where their followers and subscribers […]

  • How to Monetize a Blog and Make Money in 2021! Ultimate Guide

    A few years ago, the thought of having a blog or making money through your blog seemed like a dream. The few who were lucky to have one had to pay thousands of dollars to set it up and maintain. Today, setting up a blog is as easy as setting up an email account. All […]

  • How to Fix Facebook Comments Not Loading? – Step by Step

    Facebook is a popular social media network, which attracts more than 2.45 billion users per month. Still, the application sometimes becomes buggy as many users have reported issues like “Facebook comments not loading”. We thought of researching the same and bring you some solutions to the above-stated issue. To be honest, it is quite irritating […]

  • How to Replace a Video on YouTube? Easy Steps for Beginners

    YouTube comes with a very comprehensive Creator Studio that gives you some fantastic features using which you can upload, manage your content and check your channel statistics. This helps you manage your content as well as improvise it from time to time. Though, the primary question for which you’ve landed up on this article is […]

  • How to Fix the NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID Error?

    Privacy is the biggest concern while browsing over the Internet. This is the major reason why all the transaction-oriented websites that deal with online selling as well, which stores your data in terms of cookies have an SSL certificate. You might encounter situations when while visiting a website, your page doesn’t load and instead, you […]

  • Top 10 Cheapest VPNs of 2020 | Detailed Review

    People often misunderstand that expensive things ensure quality. A good VPN doesn’t need to be expensive. You might be surprised to know that some of the best VPNs are actually quite affordable and cost you less than a cup of coffee for a monthly subscription. With their unquestionable performance and great features, you surely wouldn’t […]

  • 10 Best PayPal Alternatives for 2020

    PayPal is a well-known platform that allows users to conduct online payment and bank transfers. Using it, you can easily send and receive money across the globe. Moreover, PayPal does not ask you for more than just your email address and an existing debit card (or credit cards) to register. After its full takeover by […]

  • How to Duplicate a Page in Microsoft Word?

    Microsoft Word is without any doubt the best word processor using which you can create, manage and share documents like a pro. Since its initial launch in 1983 by Microsoft, the software has gone a ton of changes and a lot more features have been updated in it making it a widely popular word software […]

  • How to Fix “The Page isn’t Redirecting Properly” Message?

    Firefox is an open-source web browser made by a not for profit organization – Mozilla. It is used by more than 250 million users worldwide. Being such a well-known browser, it also has its own set of issues. For eg: there’s a long list of users who have faced “the page isn’t redirecting properly issue” […]

  • Vimeo vs YouTube – Which one is better?

    As a content creator, selecting the right platform to host your videos is very important. Though most of you would anyway host your videos on YouTube, Vimeo is also an equally good option if you know what you are doing. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. What’s the Difference between YouTube vs Vimeo? 2.1. Audience […]

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